BAC707 is RAL 7047 “Telegrey 4”


Here’s my unscientific reference for the BAC707 / Boeing standard grey, the RAL 7047 “Telegrau/grey 4” color chip photographed at a distance of 120 centimeters is pretty much the same as a BAC707 grey on a (Norwegian) Boeing 737-800 at an altitude of 10.000ft. Both the airplane and RAL chips were photographed within 20 minutes time, at indirect sunlight around noon, the camera facing westward and the Sun on the left. For additional reference there is a linear gradient from RGB white to RGB black, too.

And yes, the XtraColor X150 FS16515 AWACS/Canadian Voodoo is likewise pretty much the same colour as RAL 7047. Maybe not 100% exactly and absolutely same hue, but more than close enough for my scale model purposes.

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Kar-Air DC-3A-214 (built 1937, c/n 1975) OH-VKB Cockpit & Interior (Finnish Aviation Museum, Vantaa)

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1:200 Finnair DC-10-30 OH-LHD

Hasegawa 1:200 #Lc4 McDonnell Douglas DC-10 kit (Northwest Orient version) with modified #CA200-065 Finnair decals. Pretty much out-of-the-box except new intake ducts made with putty (engines #1 & #3) and superglue-impregnated paper (engine #2).

Classic Airlines decals were otherwise fine, but the cheatline is too narrrow and the blue colour is way too light for Finnair 1970-1990’s blue. I made a homebrew mix of Tikkurila Miranol enamel blue (the darker version) with a little dab of Revell #50 Gloss Blue. Revell #52 blue would be an option to use instead of Miranol, but I think it’s a bit too dark and less saturated. I tried to match my mix to the unrestored and original Finnair Convair 440 Metropolitan blue at Finnish Aviation Museum, Vantaa and I think it’s pretty close. The original Douglas paint code for Finnair Blue is DN9835, if that’s any help for someone.

The cheatline is painted, likewise the larger decals like Finnair titles and blue tail cross were overpainted for a darker blue. The small Finnair engine titles and registrations are original decal blue.

This is the 2nd livery for Finnair DC-10 used late 1980’s, the original was with a grey belly area and the final 3rd without blue cheatlines and tail cross.

Some references

Finnair liveries (Bruce Drum)

Finnair OH-LHD (

Work in progress -photos

Original Finnair blue cheatline in front of Convair Metropolitan L2 door w. RAL color chips, the shade is somewhere between RAL 5015 Himmelblau and RAL 5017 Verkehrsblau.

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Douglas Jetliners in 1/200 scale (Hasegawa)

Douglas jetliners

From top to bottom: JAL MD-90, JAL MD-11, Korean Air Lines DC-10-30 and SAS DC-9-40

1/200 Douglas Jetliners

Left to right: SAS DC-9-40, Korean Air Lines DC-10-30, JAL MD-11, JAL MD-90


Japan Airlines MD-11 and MD-90

JAL Douglas T-tails

SAS DC-9-40 and Japan Airlines MD-90

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Hasegawa 1/200 Japan Airlines MD-90 JA8070

IMG_9169 IMG_9215 IMG_9221 IMG_9172 IMG_9174

This Limited Edition JAL MD-90 kit had both good and bad design novelties, horizontally split fuselage eliminated the dreaded roof seam and fuselage bulkheads kept the cylindrical nose weight tight in a compartment of its own. On the other hand there were serious sink marks along the internal bulkhead lines that were hard to fill and smooth out. The fuselage seam wasn’t too well aligned either as the roof part was slightly wider than the lower part.

Decals and surface details were very fine, so I guess the final result is quite okay. But I’m not in a rush to find another MD-90 kit for Blue1 aftermarket decals, which was my original plan.

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Hasegawa 1:200 Scandinavian Airlines System McDonnell Douglas DC-9-40 LN-RLD ‘Torleif Viking’

IMG_8577 IMG_8602 IMG_8604 IMG_8608 IMG_8612 IMG_8613

Hasegawa 2nd hand 1:200 kit, Lima November Limited Edition SAS decals. Very fine but delicate and fragile decals, had to use Microscale Liquid Decal Film against the decal instructions and ruined some window decals in the process but fortunately there were lots of spares. My tip: brush or spray gently and absolutely only once and leave it at that! The printing ink is quite easy to smudge.

After the Micro Liquid Decal Film there were no problems with further acrylic and enamel clearcoats (gloss and satin).

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Screenshot: FinnComm ATR-72 OH-ATJ at EFJY in X-Plane 9


Here’s another kind of scale model: blade element theory -based flight simulation X Plane 9 and the freeware ATR-72-500 at EFJY scenery. This FinnComm livery skin repaint I’ve done myself isn’t ready yet, there are many details to be finished and fixed but the overall impression is ok, I guess. Why X-Plane 9 then? Well, it runs very nice on my basic Ubuntu Linux notebook and the flight model should be quite fancy for a simple home computer simulator. I’m not really into flight simulators, but sometimes it’s rewarding to tinker just with computer models and paint software.

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Revell E-3 AWACS 1/139 conversion to Pan Am Cargo Boeing 707

This Pan Am Cargo B707 was built several years ago, later it started missing landing gear and other little bits so I fixed it back into the old glory. A nice looking model for an old Revell kit, isn’t it? Well, it’s far from perfect because a) the original plane was a Boeing 707-321 while the original Revell AWACS E-3 kit is kind of 707-120B-ish. If that wasn’t enough, the b) registration and other decals are from a Minicraft DC-6 Pan Am kit, so the reg should be really N462PA, not N731PA as in this kit. Besides c) the cheatline blue and tail Pan Am logo globe blue doesn’t match anymore as the color has faded and mutated into something else, though it’s unlikely that it was anywhere near a perfect match in the first place. And d) the Clipper Miles Standish used to be anything but a Boeing 707, like a B747 or A310.

Still, I love this model and it brings happy memories when building a civil airliner model wasn’t always about counting rivets and fussing over minute and irrelevant details. Most of the people would recognize this plane as a Pan Am Jumbojet anyway…

Oh, and I do have a scale model of the correct Clipper Miles Standish, it’s the Revell Airbus A310 “billboard livery” at the bottom of this post!

IMG_0623 IMG_0624

IMG_0625 IMG_0626 IMG_0627 IMG_0631

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Hasegawa 1:200 Air France Airbus A320 F-GJVA

IMG_0584 IMG_0582

Hasegawa 1:200 with F-DCAL rescaled laser decals, another high quality kit. Air France’s slightly modernized ‘Barcode’ livery looks even better than the original, nice and fresh.

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Hasegawa 1:200 All Nippon Airways Boeing 727-200 JA8350


This kit was a 2-pack version with full All Nippon “Mohican” and “Triton Blue” livery decals. Kind of a test build out-of-the-box with transparent cockpit window part and cabin cheatline decals. Older Hasegawa production with raised panel lines but better overall quality than the DC-10 kit. I like the Mohican livery.

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